About us

Ric and Jilly live between nearby Cairns, and their farm at Butcher's Creek near Malanda. They love creating living spaces that are relaxing and peaceful. Park House is their family's favourite weekend getaway, and here they offer the opportunity to share one their favourite spaces with Guests.


Please be aware that we rely on your honesty when stating the number of guests staying at Park House. Whilst we do not actively monitor your honesty, the exterior of the property is monitored with security cameras, and where we have reason to believe that our goodwill has been breached, we have access to historical security camera footage and will refer to this from time to time to verify the arrival and departure of guests.

Please be honest with us if and when you have additional last minute or unplanned guests wishing to stay, we will always be flexible and reasonable. 

Your privacy is assured as there are no security monitoring or recording devises installed anywhere capable of monitoring or recording the interior of the property.


Please see "Terms and Conditions" which include and describe the House Rules.